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Grease Recovery Device

The RENN Grease Recovery Device (GRD) and the sediment strainer are installed between the sinks (or dishwasher) and the sanitary drain. The basket in the sediment strainer catches larger food parts that might otherwise clog up the GRD. The GRD is designed to hold the grease in the retention area of the GRD while allowing the water to flow out of the unit into the sanitary system. Once a day the GRD starts up automatically and removes the grease from the retention area and stores it in the grease collector box.


RENN Grease Recovery Device and standard sediment strainer

Water flow through the RENN Grease Recovery Device

The system is activated by two electric timers. The first timer activates the heating element, which liquefies the grease. After 60 minutes, the second timer starts the motor powering the roller. The grease is picked up by the roller, cleaned off by the wiper blade, and fed through a clear plastic tube into the collector box. The motor and heater operate simultaneously for a set amount of time and then shut off. The process can be easily observed by removing the system cover.

Inside the GRD are three distinct areas, separated by baffles. The first area is the inlet, which serves as a diverter to keep the in-rushing water from churning up the second area, which is the grease retention area.

The second area has a heater element, a stainless steel roller driven by the motor, and a wiper blade. The water in this area is relatively calm, which allows the grease to float to the top of the water. When the GRD motor is running, the grease is picked up on the roller as it turns. The wiper blade cleans the grease off of the roller and channels it out of the grease retention area into the plastic pipe leading to the grease collector box.

The third area of the GRD is the discharge area. Clear water from the second area flows under the baffle, at the bottom of the GRD, while the grease, which is floating on top of the water, is kept out of the discharge area by the baffle. From the discharge area, the water goes out of the GRD and into the sanitary system. The outlet of the GRD is set lower than the inlet so that there is a constant flow of water through the GRD whenever the sinks are being used, whether the roller motor is running or not.

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