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Automatic Grease Recovery System


The RENN Automatic Grease Recovery System eliminates manual removal of grease, collecting over 95% of the grease outside the unit, automatically.

These Automatic Grease Interceptors are the perfect solution for today's automated kitchen and process work where grease build-up causes problems.  They reduce dependency on personnel and insure over 95% clean discharge of drainage after dishwashers, pot sinks or any grease source. This unique design actually discharges grease to a remote collector outside the interceptor unit without removing the top.Because of its efficient design, the unit requires minimal maintenance.

In addition to removing liquid grease, the unit can be modified to remove mineral oils, fatty acids, lubricating oil, or any oil derivative.


Handle extracted grease and oils responsibly - RECYCLE THEM.

Keep extracted grease and oils in covered container to keep out water and trash.

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